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Hi, I’m Ayesha Ophelia

spiritual provocateur,
conceptual creative,
brand magician,
committed storyteller,
dangerous woman,
d.i.y. designer,
self - made artist,
complicated woman. 

Ayesha Ophelia is a rising voice in the spiritual, wellness, and transformational world. Her passion is women, plants, and human potential. She is the creator of a thriving community called The Girlfriend Manifesto where she serves women a daily dose of inspiration, spirituality, adventure, self-love, and sisterhood. 

She has shared her story on many podcasts large and small as well as made appearances on Pop Sugar, Hay House radio, a feature on actress Thandie Newton's blog, and written for advocate and television producer Amanda de Cadenet's blog. Her longterm intentions include a healing center homestead, book, and deep dive into the alchemy

of entheogenic plants.

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Work With Me

My latest projects

Private Clients

Working with Ayesha 1:1 is “creative liberation in a highly intimate container for those who are eager to fully devote themselves to transformation." We aren't meant to do life alone. My clients are capable evolving humans who see the power of working closely with a support system to really ground into deep change.  My clients are mothers, CEOs, actresses, musicians, creatives, and women 

and men in transitional times.


Group Experiences

I love working with groups and have worked with hundreds of people in the last few years doing Society of Wild Hearts creative incubation, Grief as an Ally,

A Few Good Women: Conscious Relationship Coaching, and Wild Bloom Sensual summer camp. Coming Soon: Otherworldly school of metaphysics, and a monthly mastermind cohort.

Join Us

Born Creative


1. Creativity is essential in every

field and disciple.

2. Creativity cannot be outsourced

to a machine.

3. Creatives speak the language of curiosity, imagination, innovation,

and trial and error.

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