Ayesha Ophelia 

is the founder and creator of the vision

for Ophelia's Wild Hearts Healing Center. She has a passion for herbal medicine, spirituality, healing, and human potential. Her background in marketing, design, events, and her fervor for relationships will all be called into being as she creates a brand new take on an age old study. Her vision is to bridge natural medicine with traditional healthcare and create systems and programs to deepen healing for all who desire. Her focus is for the health of women's hearts and prevention of heart disease. Just as a heart has four chambers, her 4-fold vision for Ophelia's further extends into merging herbs with technology, a new innovation for the franchise model, the non-profit focus and social entrepreneurship vision, and being a pioneer of health for her community in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

sign: scorpio

enneagram: type 3, type 9, type 4 (the achiever, the peacemaker, the individualist)

favorite season: autumn

favorite food: anything with curry

favorite herb: nettles

best memory of mom: laughing so hard at my brother we almost peed our pants. 

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