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sensual arts summer camp

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin


June 20 - Sept 20

Wild Bloom: Sensual Arts Summer Camp is a virtual 3 moon, 90-day ritual journey of opening,

blooming, and becoming. Together with the power of the sun, deep ritual, herbs, sisterhood,

and somatic experience we will create the perfect conditions for your life to BLOOM.


Within every woman lives a sacred seed of sensuality. In the right conditions that seed will always bloom and produce wild fruits for the feminine heart such as intuition, passion, creativity, strength, vulnerability, and a deeper connection into the wisdom of the body.


Wild Bloom will be guided by

Ayesha Ophelia aka Juicy Fruit and

and a virtual staff of incredible guides,

healers, and creators. Last year our group

had a prolific bloom that included babies,

relationships, book deals, film deals,

peace, healing, and more purpose.

Working with pleasure is liberating and creates a

fertile environment for anything you want to birth. 


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Monthly Live Sensual Self Care Zoom Experiences

Imagine setting aside space each month to connect with your sensual self, your sisters, and deepen into a wild practice of reclamation guided by Ayesha Ophelia and other camp staff. Each month has 3 live zoom sessions which will primarily meet Sundays at 1 pm EST.

Monthly Workbook

The benefit of summer camp is always wide open spaces. Possibility around each corner. New friends. New feelings. Your monthly explorer's guide will put you right back into the magic of becoming. A field book filled to the brim with practices, prompts, and juicy insight to keep you in the process between live gatherings.

Check out one of last years e-zines.

Camp Vibe & More

This year we have some special bonuses that include a custom sensual ritual co-created in a private session with Ayesha Ophelia as well as many other opportunities to connect, create

and bloom.

Support + Connection

How is a virtual camp created? With intention and connection as the focus. We have pen pals for those who want to letter write and each person is assigned a "cabin" of accountability that comes with a spirit animal and a specific

call of the wild. 

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Hands Pattern

3 Payments of

$133 per month

This level of giving can e paid in three monthly payments or all at once and includes 3+ live virtual gatherings each month, ritual guide, and more. 

Leaf Pattern Design

3 Payments of

$222 per month

This giving level includes (2) private session with Ayesha Ophelia. One to design a custom pleasure ritual and one check in session after the ritual is designed. You will also receive some snail mail and other bonus materials. You can pay monthly or all at once.


This is for you if you are ready to feel at home in your skin.

This is for you if you hunger to merge with the depth of your desire.

This is for you if you yearn for a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and others.

This is for you if you are calling in sacred partnership.

This is for you if you want to feel more of your sensual power.

This is for you if you want to more easily manifest without focusing or trying so hard.

This is for you if you want to held, seen, and connected a vibrant diverse community of women.


My Career bloomed

“I've worked several programs Ayesha has created. They are the perfect mix of inspiration and habit alteration. My life has been upleveled over and over!

— Kenya Iman

Blue Yellow Orange Summer Checklist Plan
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