what’s missing is the will to execute them. – Seth Godin

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The Business Plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

My business plan was completed over several months of counseling and guidance from the local SBDC. (Small Business Development Center) A PDF download of the complete business is available for donors, partners, and those interested in helping the business be a success. Click here to find out more and press play to see the business plan presentation.

Research Report

Research compiled by Solution Scholars

Research compiled for Ophelia's Wild Hearts from Solution Scholars at the SBDC of Chattanooga. This is the one of many reports and insight they presented to me on the viability of my business idea.

Hint: It's looks really good!

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Goals For The Healing Center

Social Entrepreneurship

The Heart of The Matter!

Companies like TOMS, Newman's Own, and Warby Parker have made an impact on how we do and view business. Socially conscious companies now have objectives that not only benefit shareholders - but people, the planet and individual communities.

Ophelia's Manifesto For Wild Hearts...

  • We believe that doing good is good for business.

  • Leading with purpose improves performance.

  • That dedicating a part of proceeds benefits us all.

  • That the environment and all living species should be protected and cherished.

  • That communities in which businesses operate should be positively impacted by their presence.

  • That women's hearts are precious and prevention is the key to living healthy happy fulfilled lives.

  • That herbs are powerful healing tools and can safely be utilized by all.

  • We believe that creating wellness programs for young women will cut down on healthcare costs later in life, and cut down on life threatening illnesses like heart disease. 

  • That a total healthcare plan includes herbs and natural healing modalities. 

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Ophelia's Visual Mood 


The apothecary, tea bar, and healing center style will reflect a tranquil sense of peace and healing. With the use of plants, serene colors, and bohemian decor each part of the business will be stylish, hip, and attuned to the desire for deep healing and community engagement. 

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