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ex·plo·ra·tion_ˌekspləˈrāSH(ə)n_ noun th

It's Simple.

Healing the World Through Consciousness Exploration + Radical play


The exploration of consciousness has great power to illuminate and amplify “efforts of tikkun olam—

the healing and transformation of the world.” Plus it's really fun and naturally trippy! 


The antidote to our times is reclaiming our power to shift through personal consciousness exploration and play.

We are stuck in the simulation and need players/travelers who have been called to explore

their own consciousness, as a means of healing the whole.


"There is nothing more palpable and democratic than conscious experience. 

An exploration of consciousness confirms that no matter how different the trappings of culture,

language, costume, or beliefs, we are the same sort of beings,

we want the same things, and we are subject to the same disappointments and joys.

a year of experiments + community


Monthly Membership Includes



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Which Path

Do the work in community

For the journeyers who

want to work on the

monthly experiment in community. This option connects you with others, which as we know

increases power.

Pick Your Adventure

Self Guided vs Community

Self Guided journeyers receive a postcard each month via snail mail with

the topic of the month + an energy experiment. You

will work solo/in union

with the universe.

What's Included

Solo vs Community

Solo journeyers recipe a snail mail postcard once a month + weekly email

check in's. Community journeyers receive all of that + a private member portal and once a month

live gatherings.

The Cost

to participate

Self Guided = $23 per mo.

Community = $46 per mo.

Consciousness Exploration expands all possibilities

on the planet including the currency of money.

You participation improves my livelihood. Thank you!

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Image by Ajeet Mestry



$22 per month

1 mailed post card experiment per month with weekly email check-ins + guidance.

$22 USD per month* with a

6 month commitment.

This plan bills monthly.

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse
Image by Rita Vicari



$44 per month

1 mailed post card experiment per month, weekly email check-ins + guidance, private member portal, monthly virtual gatherings.

$44 USD per month* with a

6 month commitment.

This plan bills monthly.

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  • Is Society of Wild Hearts Only For Women?
    Society of Wild Hearts is open for women and men, and inclusive of all gender and sexual identities. ALL ARE WELCOME is a part of our Manifesto. Full disclosure: I tend to create very womencentric spaces. We do anticipate that those who sign up for the space will primarily be women and that will have to be okay with anyone opting to join. We will also have spaces and pop up events that cater to just those who identify as women.
  • How much time a month should I anticipate dedicating to SOWH content?
    The content is designed to be consumed in digestable bits and depending on how you move the course is set up for an 1.5 hours per week not including the LIVE monthly session. The work is precise and potent which is the way we actually make lasting change. Overall the course is designed to be self-study and can be moved through at a pace you decide. All content will be archived and you can return to it as often as you like.
  • How long will I have acess to SOWH content?
    For as long as you are a member, you'll have unlimited access to the content anytime, anywhere in the world. All of the lessons are download friendly and you can download and keep them for eternity if you like.
  • When does the membership begin?
    Society of Wild Hearts membership starts on Feb 1, 2020. Open enrollment will be from January 11, 2019 - January 31, 2020 and will open for a brief window quarterly. If you sign up today content will be avaliable February 1st, 2020. If you sign up in the next enrollment you will receive instant access to the month prior and all future teachings as long as you are actively enrolled. New content drops on the first of each month.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    A 6 month commitment is required for the monthly billing option. That's $198 dollars if you are curious. If you want to cancel before the 6 months you will be charged a $40 USD cancellation fee. After 12 months (paying $33 per month USD) you can be grandmothered into a month to month situation and may cancel at anytime with no fee. For the full payment no refund is allowed although a single transfer can be made to a deserving person of your choice.
  • Do I have to be creative to join?
    As long as you are OPEN to your creativity increasing you will thrive. Openess is the main key to success in this space.
  • Can I share my login or content with friends?
    Short answer: NAH! This content was created to be affordable and thrive on the fact that everyone has an extra $33 dollars a month they can set aside to heal and create their dreams. If you would like to share snippets on social media or with friends we fully support that. If you are found to have shared login info you may be immediately dismissed from SOWH.
  • Have a burning question you need to have adressed?
    Click here and send me your Q. Someone on the team will respond in 48 hours or less.

LIFE changing

“I've worked several programs Ayesha has created. They are the perfect mix of inspiration and habit alteration. My life has been upleveled over and over!

— Kenya Iman, Stylist

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