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The world first dating app without swiping + a docu-series that follows the creator and 11 women going through the process of finding lasting love

based on synchronicity.


Feb. 14 : Beta App Launch + 11 strangers begin their journey.

Feb. - May:  Documentary is filmed.

May - July: Editing for Summer/Fall release.

the series.

The series will be primarily shot virtually using Zoom as our classroom learning space where well-known experts on relationship, love, confidence, and synchronicity will help us make sense of how to use something like 'meaningful coincidences' to attract genuine connection and love.

The series will also follow a few of our standout women closely, including our host Ayesha Ophelia, through home movie-style video, interviews, date footage, and more. The series will culminate in person where 5 women and the partners they attracted will deepen their relationships through a series of couple challenges and relationship initiations.

about me.

For the last 6 years, I have grown a community called The Girlfriend Manifesto and Society of Wild Hearts to collectively nearly 80,000 like-minded souls. One of the most impressive things about this community is that it is somehow filled with amazing powerful women and men I admire and have gotten to know through the power of social media. This network ranges from Oprah's book agent to Bafta award-winning actresses, well-known musicians, authors, speakers, huge podcasters, and beyond. At different times many of my influential pals have asked me, "How can I help you? And

I said when the time is right I will ask. NOW is the time! Instead of asking for people to view my pitch, I decided to put my own money where my mouth is and produce and document something I am passionate about. I am confident that the series will get expert editing and will be up to par for major streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Own, or Gaia.


To ramp up the quality, creativity, and viewability of the series I am looking for strategic partnerships to help this project really shine. The ideal funding structure brings together collaborators of all kinds --corporate, foundational, and individual in a combined effort to tell a different dating story and introduce people to the new frontier of dating apps. Each sponsorship relationship is different. Let's chat.

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