A Call to Adventure (in love)

The heroine's call to adventure is actually a call deep into the center of her heart. Though this journey may seem to be taking place on the outside as she moves cities, leaves one job for another, slows down to care for herself through a health crisis, commits to opening to a different kind of love, or is at a crossroads where some big decision must be made, what is actually taking place is a way for her to return to her truest self through a series of obstacles, challenges, and soul checkpoints.


I have personally come to a soul checkpoint where I am finally ready to let go of the top 3 big delusions that romantic relationships hold in favor of something real, sacred, and lasting.

Does this sound familiar?

✔️ Are you feed up with swiping, ghosting, and here today gone tomorrow type of relationshionships?


✔️ Are you ready to do as Rumi suggested and look at the barriers you have out in front of love?


✔️ Is enjoying the process of calling in sacred love important to you?


✔️ Are you ready to give your full attention and presence to understanding how to authenitcally attract love?


✔️ Do you identify with someone who has "done or is doing the work" to own your point of attraction?


✔️ Are you ready for the inner marriage of your feminine and masculine counterparts?

The HeartSynch Unfoldment. 

Listen with ♡

3 full moons. 90 days. 1 Course. 1 App. All Documented.

What happens when you combine a virtual 90-day relationship course designed to remove barriers to lasting love with an accompanying app called HeartSynch which replaces mindless swiping in favor of synchronicity and off-screen IRL matchups with the ultimate goal of attracting sacred love, with a docu-series envisioned, produced, and documented by yours truly + a small team of dedicated (massively creative) weirdos.


Through a series of fortunate yet wildly out of my comfort zone moments, I committed to creating this project and wanted to invite a small group of women to join me on my journey to lasting love.


The docu-series main narrative will be shaped by synchronicity and the stories, twists, and turns that build over the course of 90 days. The “cameras” will also follow the stories of the group as a whole and highlight Ayesha as she narrates and finds her quest for love mirrored back in a group of willing HeartSynch participants.

The main requirements

for this journey are: 

  1. Be willing to be seen and documented as you journey through the program and use of the app. This does mean that each Zoom call and potential in person retreat will be filmed for broadcast. (This will be discussed more as you move through the application process)

  2. Be ready to tap into some serious magic, intuition, and work of participating in the course curriculum which will consist of a series of workshops with Ayesha and her expert friends' on relationship, confidence, synchronicity, sexuality, and more, daily app prompts, self-guided rituals, and other internal guidance. Part of your homework will be a video or audio diary that will be included in the docu-series and will also serve as your own record of this wild adventure.

  3. Have enough resources of time and currency to invest into a sliding scale offering between *$111 - $444 per month and 3-4 hours per week working through the ***course curriculum.  The fee allows me to be able to produce, pay for editing, and create a polished finished product that can be on steaming platforms like Gaia, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc. It also allows me to make a living wage as I work to bring this experience to life.  (***The entire course curriculum and the app will be described in the application process.)


Fine print: We will only be accepting 11-13 women into this process. Open to all humans who identify as women between the ages of 27 - 57. If you have questions about gender, pronouns, or inclusivity please email us here . The sliding scale will open a few spots at each price range.


In Person Retreat Info: The in-person retreat is being planned for the month of May in the Southeast and is NOT mandatory for participation in this project. As we know the state of the world is fluctuating and we will do our best to be sensitive to the changing needs of our group. The in-person retreat will be explained more as the application process is moved through. Teaser: Part of the reward system in the app will help me pick 5 people or couples to come to the retreat free of charge. Airfare will not be included but all other considerations will be taken care of by generous donations or my pockets. 

What's Included:

Image by Avel Chuklanov

Monthly Live Workshops

- Expert Guidance 1-3 times a month All session will be recorded

- Group circles & shares facilitated by Ayesha Ophelia

- & Much more


Beta Testing The App

60 days of free app use which includes 3 daily prompts, events tab, and personal journal of your journey.

The app brings in the lived practice of synchronicity, and lets you track your magic and rewards.

Image by Nynne Schrøder


Part of the journey will reward your participation. For each prompt you complete, event you attend, and spirit you bring there will be surprises and rewards along the way. The in person retreat is optional and will be gifted to a few of our group. All group gatherings are recorded and personal video journals are required. 

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