Angela Ophelia Meriweather

My mother,                                                                                                                                                                                                 was the heart of every room she was in.        She had a big heart.    A wild heart. She believed in miracles, and most of all she believed in me. Ophelia's Wild Hearts is named in her honor. She passed away October 9, 2014 from complications of heart disease. I saw first hand the devastating effects heart disease can have on a person, a body, a heart, and a family. My mission with Ophelia's is to educate, provide natural healing modalities and herbs for healing, work closely with doctors, hospitals, and healthcare professionals to create holistic healing plans for those affected with heart disease, as well as forming a *non-profit (*which we are currently in the process of) whose mission is heart health for girls and women of all ages. 

in loving


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