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10 Contemplations on Death Free PDF

My deep curiosity, fascination, and support for the misunderstood energy of death continues.

Since we last talked about death:

* I have facilitated rituals on death to a few different communities

* I spoke on psychedelics and the death of the ego. You can sign up for the free summit here

* I experienced a death in my own family as my 90 year old grandfather ended his earthly journey and went home

* I created a self-guided ritual on death that will be available in my spiritual shoppe Oct. 1st

* You can join me for the first in a series of new moon rituals on death by purchasing a ticket here

I have been eating, breathing, and living death (which is also life) I have so much to share. Very soon...

If you came here to sign up to get your FREE PDF which gives you an overview of the 10 contemplations on death. You are in the right place.

CLICK HERE for your PDF. My suggestion is to consider these simple principals daily.

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