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9 Things I've Learned From Running

This photo is from a year ago. I was moving through a lot of physical and emotional pain. The pain was the healing. This year I’m running twenty minutes a day. Just to show my body I can do hard things. Just to thank my body for freeing the space where the pain used to live. These are some of the best thoughts I’ve had running. Swipe away below. Read below. You can’t cheat nature. No pills potions or surgeries will penetrate into the deep space where beauty is resourced.

No shot or injection will do anything except altar the outside of the vessel.

The soul dwells in the dimension of true beauty. It is the only mirror that reflects our deepest truth. It understands the lessons that come along with the progression of “time” for the soul. No shortcuts can be taken here. Entropy of the body is part of the agreement when a soul chooses a timeline and a body.

Imagine a house with so much curb appeal and beauty and then you open the doors and it reeks of unfinished business and corners that haven’t been looked in. The is what society tries to $ale us everyday. This is why so many are lost in a losing game. —————- Nature runs on love and instinct. Nature knows how to live. How to die. How to create life. When to eat and when to stop eating. Nature is abundant because it always provides.

Having more then you need or could ever use is a cancer in nature and mama earth in all of her wisdom will go about clearing that pathos.

As above So below.

We thought billionaires and millionaires and celebrities had the keys to the kingdom.

After all they are celebrated. They are wealthy They are beautiful. They often also have invisible strings that are attached to a puppet master. ————— The truest form of sovereignty has and will always come from within. No matter the outside circumstances we have choice. That is freedom.

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Love this! I also discovered the joy of exercising this year and am hooked. It's been a game changer for my health on all levels.

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