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Building Resiliency

Current Phase: Building Resiliency


Resiliency is built by weathering storms, not by the absence of challenge, conflict, or chaos.

If you place your heart in a glass case, it will atrophy and distort the beauty of reality into a hell of fear and false shadows.

You will move in a way contrary to your deepest heart. You will keep at bay the very thing you yearn the most for.

There was a time in the not so distant past where I subconsciously believed resiliency happened by osmosis. I believed that NOT putting stress on something was the way to keep it alive. Yet as I grow and with time I have come to experience how we build true resiliency.

In the beginning of a seeds life cycle it is plunged into total darkness. It is in this moist cave that roots begin to wind and slowly move into the soil where it will receive all the sustenance it needs to gain the strength to emerge above ground. As the seedling grows it does need a safe space to gestate but soon the elements will need to test the viability of this plant in the wild.

The sun, the wind, the rain, and the other elements will agitate this cellular creature into a resilient enough state to face the rest of its life cycle which will include a bloom or a fruit. An expansion that was only possible through the challenges.

This is the true test.

The truth only happens through challenges. Challenges fortify and strengthen.

*Plasticity is another word for resiliency and to me it means the willingness and studiedness of the mind to shift and change and create new mind pathways back to beauty, truth, authenticity, love, and compassion. Plasticity is when the brain is rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned. A new flexibility. A new way of being.

I now put my faith and trust in what it takes to remember my resiliency. To build it challenge by challenge.To be a woman with grit, compassion, and willingness

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