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Dialogue With Death (a ritual for transitions)

Let us for a moment observe the life cycle of a flower. A seed is planted and with time and pressure, it pushes its way above the surface and after a time of water, sunlight, and agitation it bursts into full bloom with no fear of its inevitable return to seed and back into the cycle of life. Our lives are made up of mini deaths and and we haven't been taught how important each of these opportunities is to prepare us to burst into full bloom and to one day eventually release our form and go back to the earth to be once again a part of something bigger. How we "do life" is how we "do death". And death is important and rich with metaphor and real-life sustenance to move us through each threshold of change and transformation. Beginning on the new moon in September and every new moon after for a good long while I will be inviting you all to take part in a virtual ritual to help you embody the fruitful presence of death in your life. Each month space will be limited to 11 people excluding the first month where I will do the ritual for the Ma Wovens Ritual rug community.

Stay in the loop about the monthly ritual here.

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