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Frequency, Healy, and Energy.

Suddenly a whole gaggle of us are singing the praises of Healy and frequency and many are skeptical and unsure of what frequency is and how it works or how to use it.

Here are some resources to help empower you around how frequency can be a part of your life.

McMakin tells the story of how thousands of patients with conditions that did not respond to other medical therapies recovered from pain and disability through the non-invasive treatment that she developed. For example, asthma resolves with specific frequencies that remove inflammation, allergy reaction, and spasm from the bronchi. One frequency combination eliminates shingles pain in minutes and stops the shingles attack with a single three-hour treatment. Since 2005, a series of frequencies has been used to treat hundreds of PTSD patients. Post-surgical patients use FSM to reduce pain, prevent bruising, and increase healing. NFL, NHL, and Olympic athletes use it to heal injuries and improve performance. McMakin includes case histories that illustrate the efficacy of the treatment and shares the specific frequencies that each condition requires so that patients direct their own treatments.

The next few videos are in a series from the Youtube channel Evolve with Healy and they talk about the organs and imbalances many of us suffer from. My personal favorite are headaches, hormones, and inflammation as they are all things I have been on a quest to balance.

What is this little frequency device?

Try this healing frequency. I used Frequency on two dogs and they began to play fight less and quickly feel asleep. It works!

Listen to the creator talk about how Healy works.

Want to hear my personal story with Healy and learn how to purchase one or be a part of my ***Sacred 7. (***For those wanting an additional income stream or deep healing around money) Click here.

Want to hear how its working in hundreds of other peoples lives? Join this FB group to see testimonials on animals, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, eye sight, hormones, improved relationships, and more.

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