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Letter To Your Younger Self

I am whore for nostalgia. I will admit it. I love looking back and the feelings that flood in. Looking at this side by side photo its clear to me I have always had a felt sense of style, a cheeky smirk, and a soulful stare. Everything has changed and yet so much remains the same.

How often do you connect with the little one living inside of you?

Lately I have been in almost consent communion recognizing that the many selves who live inside of me are often active, talking, and desiring attention.

What would you tell your younger self? Not to change her mind...because history unfolds as it should. But to speak to those parts of ourselves who are alive and well, regardless of age and how much time has passed.

I find that something happens when I do this exercise. The forgotten parts of me quiet, feel seen, and work in harmony with the woman I am today.

So I wrote myself a letter, which you can read below. What letter would you write?

Dear Ayesha,

You will always follow your heart…and that will always be enough.

Here are a few other things I want to share with you as you journey.

Would you believe me if I told you books, creativity, music, nature/plants, adventure, connection and love will be the very things that make the journey worthwhile for you? Don’t waste time trying to avoid heartbreak. Show you heart to everyone and you will find those who can hold you heart tenderly and see the true you.

Cultivate patience and all your dreams will come true. You will reach your stride and there will also be times you feel inextricably lost - no matter what efforting you do. Those are the time you practice everything you have been learning since you began your path of seeking.

Everything you believe about dreaming and the many times you have taken on a human form are true. Remember the “make believe” you did as a child…that was all truth.Keep using you dream journal you will find those early dreams as powerful reminders for when you forgot or doubt you path or the validity of the other worlds.

Your creativity is your currency. Let it flow.

Don’t feel like you have to wait so long to have sex for the first time, although looking back it was pretty memorable and not many people have such a sweet story of surrender in a foreign country with your handsome Justin Timberlake pen pal doppelgänger. You may find love a challenge and you will learn many hard lesson, but true love will find you…and by that time you will have the tools and skills and desire to nurture something so beautiful and earth shattering that your home planet will rejoice that you have found one another again in this lifetime.

Leave the comparisons at the door. Your body is beautiful. Your hair is a wonder of nature and although the society you live in largely overlooks your melanin you will know deep down that beauty is more than skin deep anyway. A practical tip, floss and take care of your teeth. The very things you have been teased for like your big lips will one day be highly sought after.

Bravery and courage compound and naturally combat the fear that is being beamed onto your planet. You came here to help wake people up to their divinity and that is something you have never forgotten. Be proud of that. You never let the dreamer or creator in you go.

Death is a natural part of life and you also remember there is no wrong way to do it. Help people remember that. The plants will be an aid in opening your spiritual eyes to see what is really happening.

Embrace your love of dance, creativity and imagination that spills over into how you dress your body. You have always loved texture, fabric, and adornment. Forgive yourself for your all black phase and march into your second act with the flare and wildness you cultivated in your quietness. Being a sensitive neurodivergent being on your planet will be looked at and given a diagnosis or set of rules…continue to find yourself outside of parameters that feel too small for the truth of who you are.

When you feel the lowest and you feel like giving up. Feel my presence and that of the entire universe whispering over you. You will rise again and again.

With All My Love, Support, and Eternal Friendship

The Time Traveler Version of You

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