Listen to the DREAMERS (11 Quantum Realities from The OA Explained)

Brit Marling is the reason I watched The OA to begin with. Before the Netflix series began I had enjoyed and sought out movies she was in or had co-written. If you don’t know about Another Earth, Sound of My Voice, The East, or I Origins I highly suggest you take a trip back in time and discover her other mind bending movies.

The OA season 1 was beautiful and tragic and I loved every second of it. Watching season 2 I began to truly be struck by many of the metaphysical possibilities that were so artfully expressed. Mind bending seems to be everywhere with series like DARK, The OA, and my winter favorite Russian Dolls on screens and minds everywhere. Quantum physics is having the best day ever. People are opening up to not only being entertained by far out sci-fi fantasies but by the very real probabilities of many of the principals laid out in the latest season of The OA and other trending movies.

Watching Season 2 I began furiously taking notes and pages from my own experience with deja vu, plant medicine, dreams, out of body experiences, stories from near death experiencers, quantum physics, and ancient mysticisms. My conclusion was swift but backed by compelling evidence. The OA is showing us very real probable realities that live just on the outside of our current reality paradigm. To quote the misguided genius of Hap, “It’s our inability to conceive of things that hold us back.”

Here are 11 concepts from The OA that I challenge all of us to stretch our minds around.


"According to standard quantum theory, particles have no definite states, only relative probabilities of being one thing or another—at least, until they are measured, when they seem to suddenly roll the dice and jump into formation. Stranger still, when two particles interact, they can become “entangled,” shedding their individual probabilities and becoming components of a more complicated probability function that describes both particles together." NATALIE WOLCHOVER

Einstein coined the term ‘spooky action at distance’ to describe the magic sort of entanglement that unexplainably happens in our quantum model. Science now calls this phenomenon ‘quantum entanglement’ and what it means is that particles that once fired together can be separated by great distances yet remained entangled so that the actions performed on one affect the other. “The rules of quantum physics state that an unobserved photon exists in all possible states simultaneously but, when observed or measured, exhibits only one state.” - LIVE SCIENCE

In pratical or not so practical terms it means that magic beyond the top scientific minds is happening all the time. One could use this fascinating research and not even have to leap to magical thinking around what this could imply for humanity. This concept is important to highlight and ‘understand’ and connects all the other principals and plot lines shared in The OA.