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Fearless Fucking Inventory

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

For the past decade or so around the holiday season I begin what I now call a fearless fucking inventory of my life. I suss out what is working, what failed miserably but gave me lots of new information, what relationships feel bound or too tight, my overall money situation, and what I want to see happen in the following year. I also mix in lots of gratitude and some more real honest self reflection that comes after a set of curious questions.

This year I turned it into a PDF that I am offering half price for the New Year. It's 19 pages of personal transformation. Check out the preview here.

Pick it up today

The New Year welcomes the energy of looking inward. For a limited time the workbook PDF is $7.77. Get it from my shop and download it immediately.

A Tip For Those Courageous Enough

Think of the 3 people in your life who know you well enough to answer some honest questions. Think of three empowering questions that you want answered about yourself personally. For example: 1. What area of my life do you think needs the most attention? How can I address this area? What advice would you give a friend who was in this ________ situation. Gather your courage and minimize your taking anything personally. Ask these 3 people you trust to answer your questions. Use this vulnerable execise as information. Take what feels right and leave the rest.

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