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There are uses to adversity, and they don't reveal themselves until tested.

After months and months of working on Society of Wild Hearts online membership community last week just two months after my launch date Wix my web provider sent me an email saying my shop had violated rules and my payment processing was closed.

My reaction:

After a week of going back and forth I found out they had frozen the money from everyone who had signed up using their payment processing system AND the reason they stated for the violation was psychic services.

My first feelings were anger, sadness, and outrage at the big corporate man giving his ruling and never even talking to me once on the phone. All the support for this issue was through e-mail. Good for them because I would have given them an earful. This one decision on their part cost me a lot of logistics, frozen income, potentially lost income, and more. And then the virus mania hit.

We are all feeling fear and uncertainty. In times like these I had to really lean into my own inner resource-fullness and come back to a place of believing that this challenge could be made into lemonade.

As all challenges can. The way we perceive them is where the miracle happens. I still think the decision was unjust. I am an intuitive coach but I'm not predicting the future. We all know that happens moment to moment anyway!

So in light of WIX SCREWING me... I want to offer you a chance to join dozens of souls all around the world learning and growing from Society of Wild Hearts membership. Click here to learn more and sign up. Now my payment providers are Stripe and PayPal. Which means no more plot twists of this kind.

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