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Revolutionary Book Swap

Books Give Us Access to Great Leaders, Great Thinkers, and Great Doers. Books help us learn how great people have done great things, and how we too, can unleash what we're capable of. Books carry our stories. Myth is the way we change. Revolutioanry Books are portals into the new earth.

Hello Friends! As you know I love books. Books are a part of my work in the world. Someday soon I will be the head librarian on a piece of land shared with other amazing humans. I also do something called The book Oracle.

This holiday season I thought how nice it would be to receive a revolutionary book from a revolutionary soul on the planet. So how do we define revolutionary books? For me revolutionary books are the kind that open you to some new truth. They often reside in the self-help, transformational, esoteric, other religions, philosopy, and or occult sections in my opinion. All the parts of our lives that the typical matrix of thought and reality would have a hard time swallowing the pills of truth.

Here's how the swap will work

1. Between *Today (*Nov.26) and December 12 you can leave your swap info here.

2. On December 13 you will receive an email with your book swap buddy.

3. Please collect your revolutionary book and have it in the mail by December 20th.

I will do my best to pair International Folks with others who are either international or open to mailing to international humans. It's really simple. Give a book, get a book. Honor your revolutionary spirit this holiday season. Patronize the US postal system which is being threatened by evil overlords. Make a potential friend. Get a book especially meant for you.

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