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Scorpio Season Ritual (Dance With Your Shadow)

“The essence of Scorpio is to: deepen, penetrate, focus, intensify, strip, expose, renew, regenerate, empower, investigate, probe, research, authenticate, concentrate, scrutinize, reveal, and uncover.“

-The Sagittarian Mind

Scorpio season is raw and revealing.

'Tis the season to dance with your shadows and that is exactly what this ritual will invite you to do.

All you need is a candle, a white wall, a prayer/intention, something you want to release, and a short playlist of songs that make you feel.

Here is a playlist I created inspired by Scorpio Season


Light your candle after dark. The nighttime is the right time for this ritual. You will be dancing with your shadow so set the scene acordingly.

You can use the tools of a pen and paper or you can embody the prayer, the wish, and that which you desire to release.

Intention is everything here. After you write or embody what you are disavowing and what you are vowing in the future. Begin your playlist and make sure your candle or light source is set up where you will create a shadow on the wall. Dance with your shadow. Embody your prayer. Release what no longer serves you.

When you feel done dancing. Blow out the candle and let the smoke take all of the old with it.

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