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Sticky Note Oracle

Hi, friends! Did you know we are the head writers of the movie of our life? Yes, we are in glorious symphony with all that is, but how often do we write ourselves as the villain, or the sidekick? WAY MORE FUCKING OFTEN than is necessary.

My pattern interrupt, as I am daily re-writing the story of my life has long been words of all kinds. Most recently I bought a 3-pack of Post-it notes and went to town. I wrote the words I most needed to hear and put them in the places that I often found myself thinking icky old thoughts. Here are a few of my favorites in oracle form.

How to use the oracle: All you need to do is screenshot and see what image has a message for you.

Get a pack of Post-it notes and get going. Write down the words you most need to hear that you want to replace old ways of thinking and acting. It's a powerful spiritual tool but will lack in substance if you don't take inspired action towards whatever it is that you are desiring.

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