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The Way of The Heart (Mexico Retreat)

THE WAY OF THE HEART RETREAT Life in full bloom means living life fully expressed. As women, we often dull our brightest colors or hold back on our deepest work in order to fit a certain mold. Yet we were each born with a unique spark and vision for our lives and when we lean into that expression fully, we bloom. Within every woman lives that sacred seed of possibility. In the right conditions that seed will always open and give abundantly. The fruits of which look like authenticity, intuition, abundance, and love. The way to access these seeds are by learning to listen to your heart and the innate wisdom it holds. When you follow your heart you fully express all of you and you trust your intuition, authenticity and purpose to drive your decisions. This retreat is a time to untether from your old stories and to become a divine vessel for wild creative flow. To remember who you are as a fully expressed woman. Each day we will unwind from an old story and experience through somatic expression, creation, story-telling, and sisterhood a new way of being. We will explore what it means to be fully expressed and pair teaching with practice. “The Way of the Heart is an invitation into the most powerful source of energy we have as human beings. 'Every individual has a human heart field surrounding their body, an electromagnetic field emitted by their heart. This field is an invisible wifi of sorts, affecting our mental and physical processes, as well as our emotional health. The heart field extends around us in every direction at a range of fifteen to twenty-five feet, and interacts with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, as well as the electromagnetic fields emitted by other living beings – not just people, but also animals and plants.'” - Dr Ricci-Jane Adams WHAT YOU WILL LEARN • To understand and listen for the deep stirrings within your heart. • To connect with emotions beneath the surface and learn to move them into energetic magnetism to create life as you desire it. • To experience through meditation and movement an expanded view of who you are. • To connect with your full expression and live from a place of continually becoming. • To identify what area of your soul signature is in full bloom. • To create a system of questions and answers from transmissions and messages from the soul that may appear as signs, symbols, or dreams. (A custom oracle system) • To heal, grow, expand, and question and to be seen in your vulnerability and beauty in a circle of sisterhood. THIS RETREAT IS FOR YOU IF: • You Feel Like You Aren’t Living Your Authentic Life • You Are Going Through a Major Change in Your Life • You Need Support with Goals and the Direction Your Life is Taking • You Need To make Major Change in Your Life; but You Aren’t Sure How • You Need Help Getting Your Focus Back by Goal Setting and Defining What Your Needs Are

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ― Martha Graham

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