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Thing I No Longer Do

INSTAGRAM has become a ritual I look forward to in the morning. First morning pages. Quiet reflection. Meditation. Then hot tea and my morning Insta posts. I love that I have effectively curated a sea of inspiration. My feed literally FEEDS ME. It's soul food. 

TIP: If you social media is a hot mess. Folks arguing. Negative Nancy BS. Do some clean up. Unfollow. Delete. Hide. Move on.

I stumbled upon a post. A list of things no longer done by a wonderful women I followed - Laura Mckowen. Her list. THINGS I NO LONGER DO: Put splenda in coffee, apologize for taking up space, talk to men who make me feel small, chase other people's men, wear underwear (bra sometimes), alcohol or drugs, turn the lights off before sex, let my mail stack up, wait to tell people I love them, say YES when I mean NO, almost anything that follows,

"I should", and justify my life decisions. I MEAN, can I get an amen!

Immediately I started mentally creating a list and next thing I know I'm creating a post about what I no longer do. I challenged a bunch of women I know to do the same, and some even took me up on my offer. (See pics and more of my list below.)

But something else happened. People resonated BIG TIME. The act of taking a moment to consider what they no longer did or accepted. It's like drawing a line in the sand. Boundaries are as popular as ever. And rightfully so! We let them go for so long in the name of being loved. But that didn't work. Even a river needs boundaries to flow.

I got messages and tagged on posts and it all felt very timely and beautiful to read. My list even made me even more accountable to what I said I was no longer doing. I cleaned up a situation where I felt I may be holding a grudge. I LET IT GO, cause I NO longer hold grudges, right? I declared something and I FORCED MYSELF A LITTLE TO BE IN ALIGNMENT with what I declared online.

So you. Yes you... reading this. What do you no longer do? Boldly claim it. Perfection is never required. Just intent. 

Tag me using #TGMNOLONGER or drop me a line. I want to dance in your new found NO LONGERS!


Treat others as they treat me. I treat YOU LIKE I TREAT ME. With respect, honesty, communication and love. Bargain for love. Waste time counting calories. Deny my sexuality. Believe anything I see on TELL-LIE-VISION (TV)

Explain my lifestyle choices to people.

Especially people who knew me growing up as SDA. 

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