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Truthful Transmission for a New Earth

Anger. Turmoil. Hatred. Fear. Disease. The old world is crumbling before our eyes. The new world just underneath hidden in our actions, beliefs, ability to unify, and love.

For some this is a rather rude awakening. For others who have been preparing to see through the 'illusion' as the inevitable breaking point is reached this is your time to step forward into the truth so many people need. The seeders of the new earth are the Venus of the planets.

Venus' only competition for brightness is the sun. She is the first celestial body we see as day begins to break and often peaks out inadvertently during the day to make her presence known. I often think how much bravery it must take to be the first to shine it's light FULL ON day, after day, after day, after day.

We evolve in waves. Some of us seeding. Some of us sowing. Some of us reaping. Some of us holding sacred space high upon the mountain tops. Some of us invisible to the human eye.

Every wave and every job is crutial. This is an idea that will help us seed the new earth. Inclusiveity with no exceptions! Do what you have to do to allow this thinking to permeate your being. Your ideas about right and wrong, up and down, black and white, good and bad are bound to shift with your new awareness about the interconnectedness and beauty of it all.

As the virus and the violence began I started to feel the slow familiar rumble of energy awakening the creativity held in the root chakra, as this snake like kundalini energy came upon me I felt so much purpose, peace, and deep truth hit me. It was like all the angst, deep sorrow, pain and confusion I felt was for a reason. It was because I was removing myself from the matrix and the spell it had over my life. I felt deeply out of place with the pace that wanted to adopt me. Slow and steady. Not missing a single step. Living and dying by the truth of the sword.

The tables have turned. We all need a life vest. A real true lighthouse to look towards. That energy lives inside of you and I want to help you find it again and again.

These are the many ways you can interact with the material and content I create. I wish for it to be a source of inspiration and lightness.

  1. Check out my shop. Favorite thing is the Book Oracle.

  2. Society of Wild Hearts is in our twice yearly open enrollment. Dreamers for a new earth wanted.

  3. I have a Patreon for those that want to dip their toe into tools for seekers on the path.

  4. I create lots of FREE content for my community on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

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