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Untethered Hearts: The Architecture of Deeply Fulfilling Relationships

September 28 - October 2, 2023 MEXICO THE WHITE LODGE

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Every one wants sacred union but we have forgotten basic relationships skills ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

“Stories, when held and contemplated authentically, are nothing less than the work, the love and the expression of the soul.” -Tanya Rubinstein

It's the quality of our relationships that gives our lives depth, meaning, and purpose.

Everything around us is a form of relationship.But how many of us have struggled with our old relationship stories and narratives? We seem to just recreate some of our deepest pain instead of our deepest beauty even though deep down we feel the tug to be someone different in relationships. True transformation is the process of getting to know your default stories and loosening their grip through an alchemical process Ayesha Ophelia created called Storycrafting™.

Untethered Hearts retreat is your opportunity to see how your old stories have been holding you back from deeply fulfilling relationships of all kinds and to step into your ability to create remarkable relationships using Storycrafting™.

Storycrafting is the powerful yet simple act of story alchemy using writing (pen to paper), somatic movements, mythic rituals, art, music, poetry, and the oracle of the body to create a new story or timeline that we get to step into. Each participant creates a book that will guide, inform, and channel their new story into a state of aliveness within themselves.

The retreat is hosted by Ayesha Ophelia, a deeply mystical, profoundly intuitive soul who aspires to reveal new relationship insights to take you on a grand adventure of knowing. Whether partnered or single, retreaters will benefit from Ayesha’s holistic philosophy, the foundation and reason Storycrafting™ exists. She believes that when we retell past relationship stories, we often become entangled in old narratives that may no longer serve us. Storycrafting™ is the solution to letting these old storylines go.

Will you join me at The White Lodge, Baja Sur Cabo, Mexico, for a tranquil, minimalistic stay with bespoke extras? An intimate boutique hotel offering panoramic ocean views, private decks to whale watch, and skies filled with a rainbow of colorful desert birds. No matter the stay, bungalows, cottages, and suites – breathtaking ocean views await, as do Mediterranean feasts.

I will bring the art of Storycrafting™ paired with Ali's somatic Rapid Rewire Method to Baja Sur with writing, art, music, dance, poetry, and a beautiful book you take back home that has spells, potions, notes, and the new story you are telling in relationships.

September 28 - October 2, 2023


Day One: Arrival – Enter the World of The Storyteller

  • Connect with the land,

  • A story oracle walk – a scavenger hunt for clues about what is alive in your relationship stories – Ayesha guides you on this journey,

  • Dinner storytelling around why stories matter, plus an introduction and insights from your story oracle walk

  • Dream seeding – fire by the beach

Day Two: The Architecture of Sacred Relationships

  • Your fearless love stories

  • Morning moving meditation

  • Breakfast, a time for silent story pages just you, your delicious breakfast, and your journal,

  • Drafting a relationship architect from the all-knowing planting seeks that lead to relationship alchemy and joy. A multimedia experience where we craft the ABCs of good relationship skills and master them so they become habits forming the structure of our house of love.

  • Lunch

  • Full moon ceremony prep: group time to create and call in, alchemize, or release relationship patterns to anchor in the new paradigm

  • Optional - afternoon book crafternoon session to make your blank book your own with stickers, markers, girl talk, and more.

  • Dinner

  • Full moon ceremony: plant and harvest seeds for deeply fulfilling relationships.

Day Three: The Story of Now

  • Morning Embodiment Meditation

  • Breakfast, a time for silent story pages just you, your delicious breakfast, and your journal,

  • The story of now, what have you been telling yourself about love? Using your story arc, we’ll experience how some of these stories may hold us back.

  • Lunch

  • Freetime creative play,

  • Late afternoon session; burning bowl ritual helps you pivot into a new story chapter,

  • Dinner

  • Nighttime dream seeding

Day Four: Deconstructing Our Old Stories

  • Morning Embodiment Meditation

  • Breakfast, a time for silent story pages just you, your delicious breakfast, and your journal,

  • Deconstruction Rapid Rewire Session with Ali Tate

  • Lunch

  • Optional - surf lesson

  • Finding the jewels in your story

  • Dinner

  • Nighttime dream seeding

Day Five: Living The Vision

  • Morning Embodiment Meditation

  • Breakfast, a time for silent story pages just you, your delicious breakfast, and your journal,

  • The embodiment of the new story experience

  • Lunch

  • Free time for creative play

  • Photo Shoot Day with Ali Cutler

  • Dinner

  • Nighttime dream seeding

Day Six: Book Reveal: Future Self Closing Ceremony

  • Share your favorite page of your new story,

  • Book sharing circle,

  • Closing soul magic ritual/parade: Come as you are, dress for this colorful rejoicing to hold all the magic for opening hearts, creating magic, and embedding wisdom so we may live as the dream.

What To Expect:

  • A deep release from relationship patterns held in the mind, body, and spirit

  • An Intro to The Gene Keys and how your unique Venus Sequence helps you see your relationship pitfalls and deep potentials

  • A creative space to emote, dissolve, create, and become your own story maker, to begin the grand adventure of open-hearted living

  • Reconnect with the wilds of your instinct and intuition, through imaginative play to fuel your primary relationships

  • A group of amazing souls who will act as mirrors and signposts that will help you to create even more fulfilling heart-centered relationships

  • An honoring of the wild world that is nature and lives within us, with outdoor rituals and ocean and beach activities

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify your pain story and release familiar relationship patterns that hold you back

  • Your personal ‘Architecture of Deeply Fulfilling Relationships’ bespoke blank journal book to hold your new storylines

  • A potent rising of the *skillsets (*architecture) needed to support deeply fulfilling relationships

  • How to create a safe space to emote, create, dissolve, and become,

  • How to unwind gently and powerfully to remove painful relationship trauma using the Rapid Rewire Method facilitated by Ali Tate Cutler

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