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The muse is classically known as the inspiration that follows an encounter with one of the ancient daughters of the Greek God Zeus. The MUSES are represented in every culture through time and are known by a hundred different names. Today the muse is a symbol for creativity and expression. They are the whisper on your tongue before the creative breakthrough. It is through the muse that we can birth a new dream for our lives into being. When we understand the landscape of our inner world our outer world reflects that relationship clearly and manifests as direction, grace, clarity, and wisdom.

Where have the muses gone?

No where. But they can only be found through the avenue of creation. Consumption makes you full and unable to sense their presence. We are in a time of over consumption. Most of us don't create. We accept the creations of everyone around us and our souls suffer. My invitation to you is to get back in connection with the inner muse by...

at the White Lodge. We choose this location and this feeling of neutral white so the muses could move about freely and inspire all of us into fits of pleasure, connection, transformation, release, and wild fruitful creation.



MARCH 21-26, 2023

The muse speaks the language of metaphor, archetype, poetry, music

oracular wisdom, deep feeling and mystical imagination. Restore the connection

with your inner realms where your power to create is sourced.

Discover how to embody the soulful muse and dream your life into being.

Do you dare to dream a dream so big it would totally transform your life?

Do you have a secret wish or intention?

Do you have an inkling that you want to create or birth something that has a large impact? Do you want to step more fully into yourself as a creator, a woman, or healer?

Do you want to learn the codes to the dreamtime?

Have you always been curious about mystery schools and the hidden energy that animates the universe?

Are you ready to tap into your endless well of magic only accessed by those willing to look deeply within? Are ready to court and embody the muse?

In order to harness the energy of the muses we must remember our ability to dream our lives into being through the sacred language of dreams which involves symbolism, archetypical wisdom and the ability to hold a clear vision of what is to come. Our heart, soul, and dreams hold many of the keys to our ability to create deep change and magic in our lives and impact the lives of the people around us.

What the muse is and has to offer.

The muse is a sudden bolt of inspiration bestowed upon those willing to court her energy.

*The muse is a shovel you use to stir up richer ground and soften the soil so that a seed can grow.

*The muse is a dance partner who takes hold of your hand and leads.

*The muse is a lover whispering to you to leave the practicalities of life behind and just have some fun.

*The muse is a goat climbing a mountain, balancing on a precarious edge of rock, determined.

*The muse is a postwoman who makes her rounds each day, putting missives of inspiration in your mailbox.

* The muse is a mirror. When you look into it, you can only see yourself. -*Grant Faulkner

The muse creates the conditions for inner alchemy and deep healing.

The muse facilitates the gathering of what's real and wants to live through you

The muse invites you to step into your power as a creator

The muse is the secret compass connected you to the divine

The muse provides true currency in an increasingly unstable world

The muse is ultimately a relationship with the inner parts of your soul, psyche, and spirit.

Come join Ayesha Ophelia and her special guest Ali Tate for five nights six days at The White Lodge for impactful visioning to better understand your soul's blueprint through the beauty of dreams, the deep opening power of the ocean, the power of understanding and courting the muse, sisterhood, ritual, somatic initiations, and a daily curriculum of magic and mystery. To successfully court the muse we must learn the landscape of the inner realms. Most people seldom discover the power and beauty that awaits them inside their own soul.

The muses always point the way inward, toward the emotions, the psyche, the soul. They call upon us to cultivate a healthy relationship with the deep well of creative mystery that lies within. This work is hardly arbitrary, only for whimsy, or without purpose because it infuses our lives with a magnetic glow that translates to deep healing on a mental and physical level, improved relationships, deeper purpose, and more ability to thrive on the material planes. Come connect with your inner secret compass known as the muse amongst a small group of fellow seekers. We have the entire space and will sale out at 24.

The Muse Magic That Will Occur:

+ learn how to eavesdrop on the universe through signs, synchronicity and dreams

+ how to become a divine vessel for wild create flow

+ how to release blocks that are in the way of your deepest offerings to the planet

+ reconnect with the wild of your instinct and intuition through creative play

+ begin the process of crafting soulful offerings through clarity, creativity, and direction

+ muse with nature, dance, and sisters

+ add new tools to your spiritual toolkit that help you feel more sensual, able to grieve and let go, and more fluidly create your dreams

+ tap into a collective field of magic where desires are quickened and quantum leaps are possible.

The nitty gritty things you need to know: MARCH 21-26, 2023 | $2,765 - $3,345 (Custom payment options available) | SAVE $200 BOOK BEFORE 1/31/23

Code: AYESHA200

This is a once in a lifetime experience. The investment into oneself always returns and multiplies. There are generous payment plans so sign up today. You are going to want to check out the schedule here. It's juicy!

E-mail me at if you need any more details.

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