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I'm starting 2023 off strong with some collabs and published articles. Before I share a snippet here is 'a word' about the space between where you are and where you want to be.

Brought to you by the FEAR of being seen.

Before I was a published writer of any sort I wrote profusely. On note cards, post it notes, envelopes, journals, and eventually online. All day everyday I have been writing for the last two decades. The thought of being a published writer was so far from how I saw myself. The writer title was reserved for people like Maya Angelou. I had this image in my mind and it wasn't me. It also meant that I had to be open to criticism. To being seen and that was a hard one to get over.

Know this. To do anything in life you must RISK...risk your old comfortable story. Risk being seen. Risk criticism. But guess what happens we do this... our lives begins to bloom. All the seeds we plant of desire are watered by our devotion and our showing up. Life isn't looking for another Maya Angelou. Life is looking for you. A writer is simply a title. If you write, you are a writer.

If you get published you move from a writer to an author. Publishing also requires nothing more than a willingness to push a button on publish or to put yourself out there in a bigger way.

It pays off. Every time. Here is a bit of the article I wrote for Yoga Journal with a link to the entire thing below.

One Last Lesson From 2022 That We’re Taking Into 2023

Amid the chaos, there was still love. And not just in your relationships.

hen we experience difficult times, it can be challenging to remember that underneath the chaos, life is constantly emerging and evolving. When we forget this natural order of things, it is the experience of love that reminds us of our ability to not only survive but thrive, even amid great change.

We tend to consider love only in terms of romantic relationships. But to see love only through the lens of relationship robs us of the opportunity to make seismic shifts in our own perception and experience of life.

Love, specifically sacred love, is a covenant bond between you and the universe. It is a relationship between you and life that is expressed as a sacred way of seeing and experiencing each moment. It can be found in the quality of your breath, the awareness in your decisions, and the beauty you notice in your day.

According to the numerology of 2022, the universal energies were supporting this sacred love.

What exactly is numerology?

Numerology is the science of numerical energies and how they affect matter around and within us. Many ancient traditions believed that numbers, signs, and symbols predated words and, in a spiritual sense, were a means for the gods to communicate with humans.

Although numerology exists in a vast number of cultures, the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras is considered to be the father of numerology. After studying mathematics, music, and philosophy and experimenting with how sounds and harmonies varied based on instrument string length and notes, he discovered a connection between numerical patterns or sequences and musical notes. He and his followers believed numbers to be the link between consciousness and matter.

This connection formed the basis of contemporary numerology, which associates individual numbers with a specific state of being. There are many beliefs and interpretations of each number. Following is a simplified summary.

The meaning of 0 Absolute nothingness, absence of matter, potential

The meaning of 1 Power, might, courage, bravery, resilience in life

The meaning of number 2 Refinement, femininity, delicacy, flexibility, partnership

The meaning of number 3 Imagination, creativity; lifestyle characteristic of a celebrity

The meaning of number 4 Poise and balance, consistency, diligence, patience, good organization

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