Books for seekers is an ever revolving and evolving selection of used books that have impacted my life. If this were a physical book store they would be under the self-help, transformational, esoteric, other religions, philosopy, and or occult sections. 


  • You pay for a book and I will send you a intuitvely picked selection. There aren't many surprises in life and this service is one of them. 
  • Everybook will come with a little easter egg hidden inside. It will be yours to find and interpret.


A little *Bibliomancy never hurt nobody! *noun(bib·li·o·man·cy/ˈbiblēəˌmansē/)  foretelling the future by interpreting a randomly chosen passage from a book.


All books are the same price and will be packaged and shipped within 24 -48 hours of your order. Shipping rates are calculated based on where you live at checkout.

The Book Oracle

  • All sales are final.

    Want to see a certain booked stocked. Reach out.