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Our lives are made up of mini deaths and we haven't been taught how important each of these opportunities is to prepare us to burst into full bloom and to one day eventually release our form and go back to the earth to be once again a part of something bigger.


How we "do life" is how we "do death". And death is important and rich with metaphor and real-life sustenance to move us through each threshold of change and transformation.


This Self-guided ritual will walk you through the many thresholds of dying or letting go and includes a PDF instructional book as well as a video guiding you through the actual steps of the ritual which include a death meditation where you contemplate the many deaths you will encounter in a lifetime.


You get immediate access to a private portal with all the information you need to do the ritual. My guidance would be to familiarize yourself with the PDF and plan an evening to do the actual ritual. You can also join us live here.

Death Ritual: Self Guided

$44.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
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