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Inner Marriage is a reconsecration. A courtship of all your intiricies and shadowy parts. Inner Marriage is union with all of you. Inner marriage is an opportunity to hear the words you most need to hear. To disavow all old and stale agreements and enliven your mind, body, and spirit with the blush of new love.


"Within our body, mind, and soul, each of us has both masculine and feminine dynamics. Through polarity work, we can balance, evolve, and integrate the masculine and feminine within our personality, creating an inner marriage that in turn supports the release and transformation of trauma on the cellular, emotional, and soul levels."Elliott Saxby


Inner marriage is also an actual ceremony where we stand before ourselves, a witness, or a group of people and recommit to the act of loving ourselves forever. Marriage means to yoke or unite two souls or two parts of ourselves to working in harmony.


This 12 page workbook will guide you through the process of what an inner marriage means to you, how to write vows, questions to ask yourself, and how to create the actual ritual of marrying onesself.

Inner Marriage Ritual Workbook

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