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The Girlfriend Manifesto + Symposium of Wild Hearts present 

The New Earth Invocation


7 days and 7 nights of reimagining the new earth with radical, honest, loving, hopeful commentary from diverse healers, thinkers, feelers, and artists’ with a unique perspective on what we can do and who we must become to invoke a kinder, brighter, more connected and inclusive future for humankind.


The times we live in are deeply concerning. Nina Simone said, "It's the artists' duty to reflect the times we are living in." The New Earth Invocation is my artistic creation that speaks to the times we are living in.


What's included

  1. The replay of the 7-day retreat that included 7 amazing speakers including a reverse interview with Bafta-nominated actress *Sian Clifford known for playing Claire on Fleabag. 


The Other Special Guests are:

  • The Eye of The Beholder with visual artist Ayesha Ophelia (that's me and *Sian interviewed me ) 
  • Channelling Sacred Rage into Right Action with Abiola Abrams
  • Heed Your Calling! We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting for with TED TALK Speaker Vuyi Qubeka

  • Activating Christ Consciousness with psychiatrist Michael Meriweather (that's my pops)

  • The Mother Frequency with near-death survivor and healer Jaguar Womban

  • The Healing of The Nations with Dr. Lakisha

  • Self Realization with author Kidest OM


You can see the entire lineup here.


3. You also receive a special guided meditation invocation on video or mp3, live healing with Acupressure Anna of Meritals, PDF workbook, and a town hall meeting. 

New Earth Invocation Digital Symposium

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