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Join Ayesha Ophelia of The Girlfriend Manifesto with special drop-in guest Colette Baron-Reid for a 2-part series to create your own oracle card system using synchronicity and other magical practices like the dream time, meditation, nature.


This is for the recording of a live series I did live with Conscious City Guide. 


Oracle cards are a powerful tool for reclaiming our instinctual nature. I have seen nothing short of miracles happen in my classes. The more open your heart is the more fun and awe-inspiring the process becomes.


You will learn + receive

  • Introduce you to the history of divination tools

  • A PDF download of the creation process

  • Guide you in the creation of your own 30-card deck of oracle cards.

  • Lead you into a relaxing yet powerful liminal space to discover the theme of your deck

  • Give you a finished oracle system that is great for intuition, sovereignty, and raw manifestation power

  • Touch on topics like magic, possibility, imagination, interconnectedness, and healing

  • How to work with the cards on a daily basis and how to discover the personality of your deck

  • Have time to experiment with the oracle to discover the message that wants to come through for you.

Oracle Deck DIY

  • (2) Video Presentations

    (1) PDF

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