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Society of Wild Hearts presents :: Grief as an Ally (Round 4)


Join me for a 5-week journey where we will seek to understand grief as an ally in the journey of the soul.


Together in a weekly virtual immersion, we will meet each initiation of grief, death, rebirth, and remember how myth can guide us in and out of these massive transitions as humans.


One of my heroines writes, "The atmosphere is electric with unprocessed feelings, our own and those within the collective. Our becoming emerges through the resonance and dissonance we experience in each other’s presence. We may be more easily ourselves in solitude, but we grow through our we-ness, through the synergies that emerge between us."


Come get lighter and join us for 5 weeks of deep contemplation and soulful uplifting in the first heart collective virtual experience. You will leave with alchemical practices, practical spiritual tools, a safe space to work in the shadowy realms of grief, repressed trauma, pain, death, endings AND community, guidance, and support. 


  • Week 01 : Candle Light Vigil

Take a deeper look at death, endings, grief and what the soul understands about how darkness is actually un-alchemized light. 

  • Week 02 : How the Body Understands Grief

Go inside the body and feel on a cellular level what grief and trauma look like when they are free to move and be felt and on the other hand what happens when we live in a perpetual state of denial about grief. 

  • Week 03 : The Story Tellers

How myth can guide us into a deeper experience of grief. We will tell our personal stories of grief through a series of prompts and overlays with mythic stories we all know and love.

  • Week 04 : Lay It To Rest

A ritual ceremony of dying, death, and endings.

  • Week 05 : Reborn into the Light

Alivness is the gift of grief. Grief is how we show we have loved.


Schedule & Recordings

Sunday's from 1:00 - 2:30 EST 


All live events will be recorded and placed on a private member-only portal where you can view 24/7 forever.


If you want to pay in two payments visit my subscriptions page. You will be charged once when you sign up and another payment two weeks later. 

BIG FEELINGS: Grief as An Ally

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