Sound is one of the building blocks of this reality. Vibration and sound, famously espoused by Nikola Tesla are the keys to understanding ourselves.


SIDENOTE: I am working faithfully on a music oracle system for music lovers that will be released in 2021. Check out Neat Pony who I partnered with to bring this delight to life.

Total boss babes with lots of heart and eco-printing capabalities.


How the Music Oracle Reading Works Best

  1. Have an intention or question. Which can be as simple as show me what I most need to know right now. Or a question: How can I be magnetic to _____________? 
  2. Make your purchase and keep your question to yourself. Just be sure to include your email address.
  3. You will receive a *mini-reading based on my sound oracle system that will be delivered via email within 24-48 hours of purchase.
  4. The mini reading will be a song chosen by 'the gods and goddesses of music and vibration' + a little insight in a form yet to be disclosed from me. This form may be but is not limited to: oracle cards, impressions, additional songs, totems, photographs, poems, handwritten love notes and much more.
  5. If you want an entire playlist X multiply you purchase by the number of songs you desire. They are magic and my favorite thing to do.




The Music Oracle

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