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The Oracle is a potent frequency that is a great accompaniment for working with oracular visions of all kinds. Divination, spell work, ritual work, dreamwork, art creation, and soul work. There is a field of knowing that each and every one of us has access to. Often we think of oracles as "special" people but we all have the powerful instrument of our body that is an oracle. This frequency helps you break through doubt into freedom and acts as a cleaning for the third eye, pineal gland, and auric field so you can pick up on deep transmissions and downloads that are meant to help guide you. The oracle strengthens intuition, synchronicity, the understanding of signs and symbols, chiromancy which is the art of courting of synchronicity, and upon waking dream recall. Life is but a dream and the otherworldly frequencies included in this custom frequency help you to tap into the brain waves associated with dreaming, imagination, and creation. Dreamweaving in process!


This custom frequency includes the following frequencies and will work on any addition of Healy you have including the new Mag Healy. After payment you will receive a PDF with further intructions on how to get your custom frequency installed using the Expert Area to generate a TAN so the frequency can be uploaded to your device. Please allow up to 48 hours for that to happen. I dreamed up the frequency with TimeWAVER and Healy expert Derek Nakamura. 


What's in the frequency:

Higher awareness and mystical experiences gamma awareness

Open to new dimensions

The eye of God for 416 Hz mystical passageway

426,66 inner voice

426,68 hz dream

Higher heart F

Fibonacci Tuning: Dreams


Pineal gland healer

Theta Waves: metals Copper strengthens intuition

Ask and you will receive

Solfeggio cosmic: change in consciousness

Solfeggio cosmic: initation into the fabric of the universe

Visualize the new reality

Come to yourself


ESP astral projection

Shamanic consiousness

Angelic solfeggio: infinite possibilities

Alpha Waves: clairvoyance

Mental and astral projection

Lucidity: Awake in the dream

Frequency of Angels

Money frequency

33 Hz supreme consciousness/pyramid frequency

Kairomancer frequency, attuned to the archetypal forces and synchronicities at play in your life — while asleep and awake


"The Oracle" Custom Healy Frequency

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