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a manifesto is a must

have for every woman!

The studies are conclusive every bad ass woman who you admire wrote down her aspirations.

She put pen to paper (Yes, I'm an advocate for the old fashioned way) and got what lived inside of her out.

In fact according to research you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down.

So, what's a manifesto got to do with it? It's a more powerful way to write your dreams into being in our estimation.  You are making a declaration to the universe. And If I have learned one thing: It's the universe longs to tango with you. Your intensity and focus are

a direct mirror to what you experience.


When you take the time to craft a manifesto the universe listens. I PROMISE!

Not only does the universe listen but you listen to yourself. You have a guiding force for the amazingness that is you. We believe every woman needs a manifesto!

GIF By Libby VanderPloeg via Giphy

Mine began with a few of my most favorite things: sisterhood, adventure,

self-love, and spirituality. You can view the video version of TGM's manifesto here.


Now the web of sisterhood has grown, and with it hundreds and thousands of new women were introduced into the idea of creating a declaration for their lives. I've seen dozens upon dozens of your manifestos and I'm never not blown away by what you have to offer to yourselves and this planet.


We created a free guide just for you. It walks you through the steps of crafting your own 'rebellious call to action.' Women will change the planet and this is one of our favorite tools to harness the power of your intent +

the energy of the written word. Click the button below to give us permission to stay in contact with you and send you our free guide.

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