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Here are my areas of Expertise.

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Ayesha Ophelia

spir·it·u·al pro·vo·ca·teur

Someone who provokes deep change using sometimes radical, always potent, and not commonly blended spiritual techniques and principals.

Frequency Family

the future of medicine is frequency

Healy merges health, science, spirituality, and technology into a small wearable medical device

that delivers micro-current to balance the body's energetic field and activate it's self-healing capacity.

Healy works on many levels including a new

leveraged income stream.  

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Creative Work

Social Society

Social Media Consulting

Social media is my playground. I do it well.

Let's talk about how I grew my audience

with authenticity and helped many other authors, speakers, and women with a message to grow or establish themselves on social media.


Design Consulting + Services


1. Creativity is essential in every 

field and disciple.

2. Creativity cannot be outsourced

to a machine.

3. Creatives speak the language of curiosity, imagination, innovation,

and trial and error.

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