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Welcome to Society of Wild Hearts, a consortium for wild hearts, dreamers, and women and men who want to rise into

living a life infused with purpose, direction, magic, and possibility. SOWH is an uncommon virtual monthly subscription community. Every month a new ritual, spiritual tool or process to help create your dreams, navigate challenges with more ease, heal, and connect in like-minded community.



Society of Wild Hearts is in essence an online expansion portal where you get to intentionally focus on your big dreams, expand beyond your current reality, and connect with a community of like-minded humans.​ Every month members of 

Society of Wild Hearts receive members-only transformational content across a broad range of multi-media including:

written, audio, video and guided go at your pace home study. Monthly membership begins at $33 dollars a month.

Society of Wild Hearts is led by

Headmistress Ayesha Ophelia,

creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto.

Miss Ophelia believes in the power of

community, human potential, and everyone having

the opportunity to create change in their lives.

She will also be joined by other teachers, experts, 

and friends who are pioneers in the fields of transformation, spirituality, business, sexuality, relationships, and holistic health.

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Monthly Membership Includes

Video Learning

2 new videos per month. Each month you will get a LIVE pick a card oracle reading + a ritual, tool,

or life changing idea

presented on film.

All video content will be archived in a private

portal to be viewed

as often as you wish.

Monthly Workbook

Picture a succinct, sassy,

and powerful monthly zine style workbook to accompany your new ritual, lesson, or life

changing idea.

Check out this sample workbook.

Much More...

Meet me live on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
Office Hours with direct coaching + learning will alternate between evening and lunch time hours. Expect guest takeovers & other experts to join me live.

You can also opt in for a printed ID card, and

other SOWH merch. 


Call it a meditation, visualization or audio

love note. Each month will have a different healing hz. These aren't perfectly produced and neither is life. They will however be intuitive,

real, raw, and authentic.




$33 per month

$33 USD per month* with a 6 month commitment. This plan bills monthly.


$333 per year

Save 15% and pay for the entire year + get a free society of Wild Hearts ID card and goodie bag. You also receive a discount on the optional quarterly product subscription box called Spiritual Necessities.

Although the majority of Society of Wild Hearts is delivered virtually you can opt-in for some phsyical products including:
  • Wallet ID card + printed manifesto
  • T-shirt or tote
  • Spiritual Necessities quarterly subscription box


Society of Wild Hearts is an open community for all humans. ​Our consortium believes diversity is powerful!

We also believe where one or more are gathered energy increases. It's a FACT! Humans thrive in community!

Community holds us accountable, helps us reach our

goals faster, and allows for us to heal and work on vulnerability and showing up and being seen.

LIFE changing

“I've worked several programs Ayesha has created. They are the perfect mix of inspiration and habit alteration. My life has been upleveled over and over!

— Kenya Iman, Stylist

Frequently Asked Questions

If I tip, will it show up on live on stream?

Yes, your genrous tip will show up live on stream. One of our models will personally thank you! Please note - tips will only show if we are live streaming.

If I purchase a subscription for the live-stream, what do I get?

1. Access to live-streaming and ALL previous live streams
2. Chat exclusively to our models
3. Exclusive access to our private Pateron and Snapchat

What alerts show up live on the stream?

1. All tips/donations 2. Youtube subscriptions and superchats
3. Pateron subscritpions
4. Merchandise purchases

Whats the difference between the Exclusive Live Stream and the Youtube/Facebook streams?

Youtube/Facebook streams are ONLY occur once bi-weekly, and is PG13 content.
The exclusive live streams are DAILY, and are adult entertainment content.

What does the tip board mean?

The tip board shows the exact amount for a particular alert to be triggered LIVE on stream. For example, if you tip $4.20 - then a special alert will be displayed live on stream.

Certain tip amounts give you access to special alerts and allow you to display a message on stream.

What does the top monthly tipper receive?

Besides our eternal love from our girls, the TOP monthly tipper will recieve exclusive rights to our theme. You will have the choice to choose a THEME for a up-coming stream.

Note - we contact you directly after the month is over, and recieve your theme request. We will coordinate with you on the date/time.

What is our stream schedule?

Where can I find the girls socials in the live-stream?

You can find them here.

What is proper chat ediquite? What things should I avoid when chatting?

When is Babes Espresso going to start their exclusive live streaming venture?

November 1st, 2020

How do I start chatting?

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