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88 Day Challenge Planner Suggestions (For My Healy Crew)

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This blog post is for my Healy Frequency Family as we begin our 88 day Freedom Frequency challenge but it has general good ideas for Spring as our natural energy is ready to be expressed.

The 88 days are dedicated to our grand vision, sexy systems, community, and setting aside time to be in alignment with your deeper vision. When we combine all of these we grow the roots necessary to support our dreams.

Here are a few powerful tips to use with your new 88 day workbook.

  1. PRINT IT OUT. This is a must. Spend the money to send it to your local printer. This step is part of the manifestation process. How we can something out of the ether and into reality. You can get full color pages or black and white. Totally up to you.

  2. BIND IT IN A SPECIAL NOTEBOOK. I will be using a three ring binder and having my local printer punch the corresponding holes for my 3-ring binder. The big question I am asking myself with which notebook to get is: Where would I want to hold high frequency sacred papers that have the codes for my quantum leap. Here are some beautiful 3 ring binders that range from Target chic, to more pricey leather, to a custom gold binder, and beyond. The range in price for $10-100 dollars.

3. Familiarize Yourself! Set aside time to look through and fill out the booklet. Some parts will be inspirational and others will be things you work on on a daily basis, if not several times per week. This part is akin to meal prep for the week. Don't skip it.

4. Time Block. Create Boundaries around your goal for the 88 days. Make this notebook, its contents and your goal a part of your weekly schedule. Three 90 minute time blocks per week is my schedule. Using Moonday/Monday for inspiration and Tuesday - Thursday for my Healy time blocks.

5. Accountability is queen! Create support within your smaller pods/lineage. Ask someone personally can you be accountable to your goals with them.

6. Let the quantum help you. Use your Healy for support in this time. Use the coach/affirmation feature. Run coherence frequency and don't forget Mother Earth herself is part of this field of information.

7. Be playful, have fun! BE ALL IN! Gene Key 29 is all about the shadow of half-heartedness and the seed of misfortune and misery it holds. On the other hand full commitment carries with it mysterious and powerful allies. The choice is always ours. Anything worth doing is worth doing fully, that way we can bring our playful spirit to the work we have choosen.

If you aren't a part of Healy and want more info. Go check out my Frequency page here.

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