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Love Offering! New Moon Virtual Womb Steam

Updated: Apr 8, 2020



4/22 10:30 pm EST on ZOOM

Click here to sign up! (All who sign up will get the replay)

These are the herbs we will use tomorrow night. You don't have to have all the herbs exactly to attend or to steam. But here is the potion created by my powerful friend and co-facilitator La Vonne Natasha Caesar otherwise known as Jaguar Womban WombSteam Potion Plant Frequency

Mugwort 1oz

Motherwort 1oz

Yarrow 1oz

Lavender 1oz

Calendula 1oz

Rose petals 1oz

Rosemary *pinch

St. John’s Wort *pinch

oregano *pinch

Pink Himalayan sea salt *big pinch

If you do have access to herbs please have them measured and ready for the live steaming event. You can also attend and buy the herbs later and re-watch the zoom call. For those who do not herbs you can send your pure intention out into the world as we steam and Jaguar speaks live into us at the time.

Directions from Jaguar.

Ritual Tools

Low wide salad size bowl

Kettle to boil water

Fabric or sheet to cover lower body

Ritual Steps

1 boil full kettle of water

Place herbs in bowl with salt

Mix herbs with your hands and infuse the plants with your prayer

Pour boiling water over the plants and salt in the bowl

Kneel or squat over the bowl very slowly

Once you are comfortably situated over the bowl cover your body with sheet or blanket to hold in the steam

See you soon!

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