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The All Seeing Eye

The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) is a symbol that depicts an eye, often enclosed in a triangle and surrounded by rays of light or Glory, meant to represent divine providence, whereby the eye of God watches over humanity.A well known example of the Eye of Providence appears on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which is depicted on the United States one-dollar bill.

The all seeing eye is ever watchful. This is no longer conspiracy or fodder for conservative news. Take Instagrams new terms of service for example or watch the documentary The Social Dilemma.

Our habits are being watched. Our cameras are being used for everything from customized ads that follow you around, to enforcing law or mandates, and beyond.

We have given big brother access to every corner of our lives and thus far it can tend to just feels like a giant raping, or like we have no choice but to oblige or consume more to have *privacy, *many people who don't agree with Instagram's new terms and conditions are using a device not linked to anything else on airplane as to not welcome the watchful eye, or we have a nonchalant attitude about the intrusion...probably stating, "I have nothing to hide."

We all have to decide where the line is for ourselves.

Here are two tips for how to balance the scales and make our participation feel more like a win win.


We wake ourselves in the dream by becoming aware. Begin to notice how you feel when you reach for your phone.

The best way to discover this is to take at least a 7 day break. Yes! take a break to observe your patterns. How do you feel when you reach for your phone? Are you looking for connection or a feeling of belonging? Start to feel what it feels like to reach for your phone and not give yourself the dopamine hit of opening an app. Return yourself to yourself and begin to notice... This will be extremely helpful for when you return to using social media. Each break I take brings me into a more healthy use and relationship with social media. After this last break I no longer reach for my phone in the car or when I'm bored. I started to grow new neural pathways around my use of the phone and it feels good to be able to decide and not just reach for my phone dozens of time in a day out of sheer habit.


If the all seeing eye is using your movement, audio messages, and internet searches to advertise to you. Why not lay the foundation for any life you want to create and let big brother go to work to prove to you that life exists.

First a story about how fast all of this works.

I was driving myself home lasts week after a nice visit with a friend and decided to send her an audio note about something we forgot to talk about. I was telling her about an age appropriate man I had seen a few times in my neighboorhood while I was on walks. I'm not sure I used the word "mature" but I described in detail the young bucks I had been meeting and my interest in seeing someone who looked more age appropriate (I did mention he had a bristle of grey hair that was quite sexy). When I opened my computer approximately 30 minutes later this new ad was waiting for me on Youtube. I know it was new because I am a pretty regular Youtube user and I watch what type of ads they serve up after conversations. Yes it felt like an intrusion as it should when anyone listens to all of your conversations and then builds ads to try and sell you on a lifestyle. So I decided to send one more audio note and this time I used rich keywords for the life I want to manifest. I sent an audio note about land opportunities, mindful community, and what to do with and how to invest large sums of money. If Big Brother is listening why not beef my keywords and searches up for the life I am creating.

Let this creepy technology build a bridge, path, or railway into the future.

Try it for yourself. With every search bring a conscious intention or a seed for a more beautiful and prosperous future.

Use rich keywords that the bots can run with and look for evidence to prove you are on the right track.

My current keyword searches are:

- intentional communities

- investments ideas for large inheritance

- creative date ideas

- my first 100K year

Now you try. Imagine that your search history or internet queries are creating an invisible profile or energy that will follow you throughout the day. Get creative. Let me know what additions you make to this practice. For me this idea has evolved over the last decade when I began using intentional passwords for manifestation purposes.

*** Disclaimer: This is not to dismiss the level of surveillance and lack of privacy as something we can just wish away or ignore. This is simply something we can all do that is free of charge that takes back some of the power, after all we are powerful creators and the internet would be nothing without people power.

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Shamica West
Shamica West
Mar 19, 2021

Mind blown!!!! I am definitely going to try these two strategies.

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