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Wild Bloom: Sensual Arts Summer Camp

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED! Thanks to all the eyes and hearts who viewed this page. Some form of this will make its way to my shop as a 100 % self-study sort of program. So for those who felt funds were an issue...stay tuned.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin

Within every woman lives a sacred seed of sensuality. In the right conditions that seed will always bloom and open your heart, mind, body, and outer experience of intuition, magic, fertility, and love.

Summer is a time where flowers are abundant and in bloom. Each unique flower reminds us of the wild beauty and sensuality of true expression which cannot be forced, or stopped!

Wild Bloom: Sensual Arts Summer Camp is a virtual 3 moon ritual experience of opening, blooming, and becoming. Together with the power of the sun, deep ritual, herbs, sisterhood, and somatic experience we will dance ourselves into full bloom.

01. Monthly Live Sensual Self Care Zoom Experiences

Imagine setting aside space each month on the full moon to convene with your sensual self, your sisters, and deepen into a wild practice of reclamation guided by Ayesha Ophelia of The Girlfriend Manifesto + JaguarWomban of The Lighthouse Vibration. The monthly circles will be interactive, guided, and experiential.

02. Custom Herbal Support Recipes

Herbs will be one of your gateways into deeper levels of sensuality and self expression. Each month you will receive a herbal rx for a sensual summer.

03. Guided sensual self pleasure journey narrated by Ayesha Ophelia

Magic happens in the imaginal realm of meditation and visualization. Your body is unable to tell the difference between the imagined state and what you are suggesting. Here you can plant sacred seeds that will bloom with the right conditions. Imagine a sensual visualization journey who sole purpose is to return you to your most sensual self. A creature who can hear the prompting of the heart, whose intuition is keen and alive, and whose body is reponsive and awakened.

04. Monthly Explorer's Fieldbook/Workbook

The benefit of summer camp is always wide open spaces. Possibility around each corner. New friends. New feelings. Your monthly explorer's guide will put you right back into the magic of becoming. A field book filled to the brim with practices, prompts, and juicy insight to keep you in the process between live gatherings.

05. Sister Support in the form of Accountability Partnerships and much more juiciness!

Without connection and accountability we can become lost in a sea of to-do's and not enoughness. Sister support is key! Each participant will be paired in 'wholesome' threesomes for the duration of the three moon journey. You will also be privy to a sensual playlist, and a surprise or two.

06. Special Guests to Stoke Your Fire

A sensual 'arts and crafts' session with a surprise guest. Stay tuned for the announcement.

07. Camp Vibe

You will experience a virtual camp vibe via snail mail pen pals (optional), sensual arts and crafts, counselors, camp fire meet ups, and much more sensual summer explorations.

This is for you if you are ready to feel yummy in your skin right now!

This is for you if you hunger to merge with the depth of your desire.

This is for you if you yearn for a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and others.

This is for you if you are calling in sacred partnership.

This is for you if you want to feel more of your sensual power.

This is for you if you want the sexiness of #grownwomansummer


One payment of $333 or $111 a month for 3 moons/months


Begins Monday August 1st - October 1st

Live Schedule:

Monday 7/3 on the Leo 'Fruit Moon' (We plant the seed here)

Wednesday 8/2 'Corn moon' (We water the seed of growth, fertility, abundance + prosperity)

Thursday 10/1 on the 'Harvest Moon' (We harvest all we have planted)

Fine Print:

  1. All live events will be recorded and available for download and or viewing on our private portal

  2. All content will be available for download on the 1st of each month. This includes the field guide/workbook, audio meditation, etc. Live events will be available the next day.

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